Vision is a foresight that makes you work towards a long-term goal. It is the target you sight from today. A visionary understands that day-to-day activities are part of the one big vision and that collectively, they would lead to the colorful future. Since vision has a scope, the visionary carefully guides his plans and actions like a flock of sheep in the direction of the vision.

What if vision is attached to everything we do? or maybe not all, but most things. Now, let me give you an instance- one that will be explicit for you to see.

I got registered on SI4DEV website a month after sign up, by then, many others had already created their profiles. Then it took me two more weeks to discover that there was a provision for personal blogging, so I met few blogs on ground. Therefore, I decided to put down my first blog, and guess what I discovered? Tokens appeared from nowhere. Cool! So I read about tokens, and I liked the idea. Using my passion and intellect to grow tokens, no matter how small encourages me. But something else came into my mind, and I will share with you.

First, from blogging, I would generate 50-100 articles during the program, depending on my frequency. I would then edit and compile the purely motivational articles into a book. Second, I would generate at least half of the amount I need to register my NGO and gather the rest for my monthly income. Third, I would improve my blogging skills, grow my blog, indentify other blogging platforms and blog as well. Forth, I would gain confidence and recognition through my blogs posts across platforms. And above all, I would pass across the thoughts in my mind, inspire others and touch lives.

You see, from one thing, I have been able to identify five focus areas and benefits- a good reason to keep blogging. So when my tokens are shooting, it isn’t because I am greedy. I have a job that gives me a manageable salary, and trust me, if I make N300 a day blogging here, it is not up to one-eight of what my job pays me. But the beyond the financial gain is the overall benefit and that is something worth investing in. Now, this is vision!

Interesting how one ‘inconsequential’ thing could have so many benefits, if you can only think through and build a vision around it. You can begin of how this thing can bring you the desired, because you look into the future and see the rainbow it will create for you. Vision will then keep you in consistency and dedication.

My vision for SI4DEV is to use the opportunity to make an impact in my community, to understudy the way NGO works and to network with other leaders who will be helping me in future. It makes me active, observant and follow happenings with keen interest. There are other local and international organizations I do the same as well.

Vision gives you focus and enables you to gradually work towards accomplishment of an overall goal. Vision gives you passion and stamina. It gives you courage to face the rough times and perseverance to endure pains. Vision makes you sacrifice your time, energy and money because you envision long-term benefits.  Do you have a vision for your job, career, business, or community service? Do you have a vision for your membership of a professional body or voluntary organization? Are there other things you can gain from your recreational activities and hobbies? Are there benefits you can derive from being in a location or observing happenings around?

Vision should be attached to everything we do. Think of those things you have ignored or considered as trivial and build a vision around them.


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