It is just a few days to the end of the 2018 partner program Batch A (Fellows, Interns and Ambassadors). Some have already submitted their reports or proposals or both. If you haven’t please ensure you’re working on your proposal for submission to SI4DEV and possible crowdfunding. Deadline for submission: September 14, 2018.
Some questions and answers below on the proposal and monthly reports…
Q: How large can the budget be?
A: We suggest anything between N100,000 and N1,000,000. Remember, you will fundraise a good part of this budget and then SI4DEV will match what you receive. Tokens generated on the website will be added to the pot.
Q: Must I use the SI4DEV pilot proposal template?
A: This is not mandatory but preferred. Send your proposal as long as it has all required sections. 
a. Problem Statement
b. Solution – Implementation Plan
c. Goals and Objectives
d. The Evaluation Plan
e. Project Sustainability
f. Experience and Capacity
To receive a completion certificate and induction into the Alumni, you must submit your monthly reports from April to August.
Q: Must I submit all 5/6 months of the program?
A: Submit what you have – the board will decide appropriate number required to graduate
Q: I did not get or have the time to work with my assigned mentor, can I graduate?
A: The mentoring module is not compulsory. They were to offer technical assistance as you worked on your proposals but you can send your proposal anyway without their input if ready.
Q: Do all the reported activities have to be specifically organized by SI4DEV?
A: No, other activities that align with our mission will be accepted for 1 – 5 (e.g YALI, etc).
1. Facilitated seminar/ workshop to recruit and engage volunteers (schools or youth groups/clubs)
2. Participated in location group project planning, fundraising campaigns and other meetings.
3. Contributed to SI4DEV website and social media, emailing reports or posting to Facebook)
4. Attended civil society events advocacy, or engagement with your state or local government.
5. Attended training online or offline, by SI4DEV or others, or completed an online course.
6. Created a plan proposal for a pilot intervention in community or local government.
7. Raised funds using the online crowdfunding tool for yours or other SI4DEV projects.
Leave any more questions in the comments and I’ll respond as needed. Thanks!

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