Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) is pleased to announce a workshop summit for community volunteers and other practitioners in the Community-Led Development (CLD) community, themed: A Pathway from Community-Driven Development Projects to Community-Led Development

As a practitioner in the community development space, we’re inviting you to join us as an exhibitor, presenter, delegate or speaker for the inaugural SI4DEV workshop summit for shared learning, practice and inspiration. Please send an email to

SI4DEV is in the exclusive position of seeding a consistent CLD model across Nigeria. For the past year, we have been working at the intersection of behavior change, capacity building, impact and sustainability.

This November, two hundred (200) SI4DEV Partners from across 30 States and the FCT will converge in Abuja, Nigeria for an inspiring event featuring three key planks.

  • Project Management and Performance Improvement Training – Breakout Sessions, Panels
  • Action Planning for Impact, Sustainability, Governance and Accountability – One-on-one Clinics
  • Motivation, Networking and Context – One-year Anniversary, Award Ceremony and Cultural Night


  1. To improve the ability of SI4DEV partners to properly develop, manage and successfully complete community-driven development projects.
  2. To share innovative strategies to better connect community-driven projects to local leaders – both government and traditional – for increased sustainability.
  3. To review and finalize actionable tools that will help SI4DEV partners evaluate and improve the governance and accountability of their community driven projects.

About SI4DEV

SI4DEV is a non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria to empower local volunteers at the grassroots who are in the process or are willing to take action to bring about positive social change in their community.

Our vision is for more community participation in governance, accountable leadership, sustainable businesses and access to high-quality healthcare and education for all.

The SI4DEV Partners Program trains potential community leaders on how to successfully implement community driven projects; how to effectively access resources to be able to deliver a better quality of life for local communities; and how to contribute to sustainable development.

About the SI4DEV Community-Led Development Workshop Summit

Community-led Development (CLD) is the process whereby members of a community work together on a shared vision to achieve and learn from local action that brings about social change. CLD shares a lot in common with Community-Driven Development (CDD). The latter is a grassroots development approach in which community groups have more power to make decisions around how development resources are allocated.

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