Objective – Promote community and social development through improved educational outcomes.

Program approach;
     Work with partners to diagnose issues affecting education in their local area.
1.       Generate a list of issues for public discussion
2.       Develop talking points on topics affecting educational achievement
     Support partners through collaborative networks to validate ideas and theories around linkages between community development and education
1.       Outline positive and negative influences on teaching and learning outcomes.
2.       Explore new, creative opportunities to improve their educational achievements.
3.       Define critical issues with solutions for improvement in education.
     Identify advocates for using research to influence decisions and long-term services for communities
1.       Run a marketing campaign to show the correlation between education and community and social development.
2.       Initiate league tables for school rankings using both learning outcomes and efficiency measures
3.       Award leading schools publicly
4.       Name leaders as champions of advocacy
     Convene stakeholder forum to discuss, debate and address identified issues.
1.       Agree on priority areas
2.       Create a one year work plan for implementation of agreed programs and strategies.
3.       Disseminate report from stakeholder consultation
4.       Develop slogans targeting educational issues through informed decision-making.


Pilot– Identify, fund and support a local school in the community to implement action plan and highlight successes and lesson learned to all stakeholders.

9 thoughts on “ADVANCE – Advancing Development in Community and Education (2018 – 2020)”

  1. what about the educating the special needs people, we need a form of inclusive type of education,this type of education will cater for both the normal and special needs student in a formal educational settings

  2. nice concept in bringing hope to the ones in the community that doesn’t see government works in their community. this is great concept. thanks Mrs nkem for this great programme, I really appreciate your efforts here. your vision is really yielding good results.

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