Objective – Contribute to evidence-based policy and decision making for improved healthcare.
Program approach:
1.       Convene a results-oriented network of researchers, practitioners, policymakers and community members working together to promote evidence based decision making in health and to improve access and quality of care to all. Organizations to partner with include;
     State or local government officials who develop health policy for community health programs, and set priority of health issues for all players in the health system.
     Consultancy companies that use a combination of research and technology to advise and improve the performance of hospitals and healthcare organizations.
     NGOs that create materials to teach and train healthcare professionals to put research into practice and who generate measures/data used by providers and policymakers.
     Practitioner groups – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital owners, public health professionals, health management organizations, educators, and training institutions.
2.       Source and synthesize policy documents for public/community health programs to verify the level of political support for such improvement;
3.       Determine and evaluate emerging best practice in public/community health policy and programs in the state and using one or two local governments as a case study;
4.       Provide capacity building on priority-setting and action planning for key stakeholders/participants (1a – 1d above) document their public health or health care improvement ideas, and support them to select outstanding projects based on the perception, interest, potential barriers and opportunities;
5.       Organize stakeholder meetings on selected projects to decide on way forward.
6.       Develop a collaborative summary report advising on the feasibility and action plan needed to implement, including resources and time-frame.


Pilot – Identify and support a pilot site/hospital/care team to implement the improvement plan.

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  1. nice concept, I don’t even know that this programme has been running for so so long. Waoooooooo that’s great. thanks to Mrs nkem and her team for this programme, I really appreciate your efforts here. your vision is really yielding good results.

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