Objective – Provide education and empowerment of local influencers to improve service delivery and increase participation in politics and civics.

Program Approach;
a.   Identify persons in positions of influence and whose actions can impact the wider population; these should include potential politicians, and leaders of women, youth, or faith-based groups.
b. Educate these influencers on how to engage and lobby officials (i.e. not just holding demonstrations but making specific requests, having evidence request is justified, doing research to find out what else is competing for government attention, and working around/with that, etc.)
c. Shift the focus of community influencers towards elected representatives at the local government and community level; and ensure that they understand the responsibilities of their local government officials and what is reasonable to ask for;
                                            i.      The idea behind the community engaging LG officials (as opposed to state/federal governments) is that these officials are closer to them, and it is easier to reach them.
                                             ii.      Also, since the LG officials serve fewer people, there will be less competition for their attention, and it will be easier for citizens to get their attention;
d.  Provide interactive stakeholder forums where community influencers can engage LG officials and facilitate needs assessment and priority setting. Positive results will encourage the influencers and those in their network to be more actively involved in politics.
e.     Work with trained champions to identify benchmarks, milestones and short-term goals that, when achieved, will have the maximal impact amongst the populace;
f.        Develop a consensus action plan to achieve these goals;


PILOT – Identified champions will be funded to implement projects leading to increased accountability and participation in governance. 

18 thoughts on “SWAP – Serving with Accountability and Purpose (2019 – 2023)”

  1. Waoooooooo nice collaboration here, what i just see here’s giving hope to the hopeless in the society. this is a good concept.thanks Mrs nkem and her team for this programme, I really appreciate your efforts here. your vision is really yielding good results.

  2. Accountability is a thing of the mind. Being able to identify and justify the impact your role makes to the life of the people you are representing or leading as well as getting feedback will definitely give you a reason to do more.

    Requst for a Feedback very important.

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