Immediately after her NYSC program, Celina started hunting for job, before an idea clicked in that she could start up a skill and excel in it. The next day at the bank, she accidentally met a lady through interaction and exchanged contact. Her new friends is into skill-based business and was willing to help teach once Celina explained her interest. After payment, Celina started with her to learn soap making, making Izal and stain cleanser, as well as insecticide which she learnt perfectly over the phone! Since the demand for this tricylin insecticide is high, Celina has focused on it instead of soap making and stain cleanser and perfume. However, as a teacher, she teaches her students all the skills she acquired especially soap making.

Celina’s quality homemade insecticide kills insects of any kind. Price: #300 big size, smaller size is #200. and sold in litres depending on demand. Location : Pilgrim road Port-harcourt. Call :08060238410.

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  1. In a country where 70% of the population are youth and a teaming number have no job. Great job Celina this will certainly inspire a teaming number of our youth to be job creator rather than job seekers.

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