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Uwara Ekanem is a driven and energetic economist, humanitarian. She is concerned about creating a platform where youths are champions of sustainable development and the growth of any economy. Her interest are in education, peace-building and agriculture. She is experienced in youth leadership development with a demonstrated history of working in youth engagement projects through AIESEC for the past 5yrs. Skilled in training, presentation, Research, strategic thinking, client serving, project conceptualisation and implementation, team coordination& tech savvy. Passionate young professional with a Bachelor degree focused in Economics, from the University of Jos.
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6 years ago 13 Comments

MAIDUGURI, BORNO STATE FACE TO FACE MEETING. DATED 12 August 2018 AGENDA: Welcome talk Introduction Iceberg activities Updates for previous month Brainstorm / Planning of new project AOB ATTENDANCE: Nosa Imade Stella Godwin Orngu orbunde Goodness Donatus Uwara Ekanem On… Read More

6 years ago 18 Comments

SI4DEV Maiduguri, Borno State, held face to face meeting on two different occasions to talk about different ideas, projects, and strategies. The following team members attended the meeting 1. Uwara Ekanem 2. Stella Imade 3. Goodness Donatus 4. Yildaya Kikem… Read More

6 years ago 25 Comments

It been a week we celebrated the International Women’s Day. I apologize it’s coming late to everyone. It went well and my amazing team put in their best to make it a success. We visited Women Day School, Maiduguri, Borno… Read More

Food for thought : International Women’s Day
6 years ago 16 Comments

As we are still in International Women Day celebration I decided to share this post to us all so we can think about it and perhaps come up with some solutions. It’s also depend on your perceptions. For me it… Read More