Ismail Lawal repairs and constructs different kinds of jewelries, he also buys and sells gold and silver jewelries, customized pendant, wedding rings, costume rings, some of which are made by him while some are foreign made. He has been in the business for the past 7 years since after graduation from the university. Working with jewelry is a skill he learnt from his cousin who is a goldsmith. Ismail Lawal’s shop is in Abubakar Rimi Market in Kano, and you can also contact him at 07033414018.

19 thoughts on “Featured Fellow – Ismail Lawal”

  1. We need to buy Nigerian goods to grow and improve the value of the Naira. Let support and encourage small medium scale enterprises to grow so as to enable them improve the Gross domestic product of the country. Keep soaring Ismail.

  2. This is encouraging especially in a country like ours where the rate of unemployment is high and nothing is done by the government.

    We have to be creative and get something doing that improve our individual economic life and the general economy of out nation.

    Let’s do this friends and ambassadors of SI4DEV..

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