SI4DEV Maiduguri, Borno State, held face to face meeting on two different occasions to talk about different ideas, projects, and strategies.

The following team members attended the meeting

1. Uwara Ekanem

2. Stella Imade

3. Goodness Donatus

4. Yildaya Kikem

Mr. Godwin Irvine travelled to the NYSC camp for official matter.




Project for the month of may


We introduced ourselves and talked briefly about how our day went to keep the atmosphere light. After that we talked about recruiting locals and increasing our membership. Goodness suggested that we recruit from Batch A Corp members and Stella suggested during our project we can recruit from each schools we go to run the project. The challenge we identified was that we may have issue because our project currently are being run in secondary schools, which might affect meetings and other activities. For Corp members we are strategizing on that. In our whats-app group Mr. Godwin brought up the idea of recruiting from our place of primary assignment as most of us are teachers. We also talked about project as we could not run project in the month of May. So we agreed on running an environmental / hygiene project. Sanitation is a big challenge here, this leads to slot of sickness an disease outbreak. For our AOB we talk about organizing online training and gave task to members to research on topic to train the house on weekly.  The meeting came to an end.

The second meeting was on following up of the first meeting.

Attendee for the meeting were

Uwara Ekanem

Stella Imade

Godwin Orbunde


Ice Breaker

Membership report

Project planning Progress and Identification of  everyone role


We played a game as team member to feel relaxed among ourselves. And we got to ask ourselves who has been able to speak with their colleagues and challenges faced. Most people of us said they have not, and Godwin said he travelled. So we agreed before the next meeting we should bring at least a new person per team member. And I (Uwara) shared a brief of the organization to team members to help them talk to their colleagues.

After that we talk about projects and since 4 members of the team are writing exams, the project was postponed to the month of June.

We will be running fight against drug abuse in the first week of June in Yerwa Secondary School and Mr. Godwin is following it up with the school. For our sanitation project will come in third week of June in four schools. 3 secondary schools. Which include 2 government schools and a private school and the fourth school will be in primary school.  We also planned to reached one of the IDP camps in Borno State.  Due to the insurgences there are a lot of protocol, we are working on that. For our sanitation project we planned to educate the student about the benefit of hygiene both on a personal level and their environment. We also plan to give each school brooms, dustbin, rake, packer, etc and we will be seeking support from SI4DEV.

In conclusion we talked about making the group active and it was an assignment on everyone to come up with something to engage ourselves on. Stella Imade was made the secretary for our SI4DEV Maiduguri.

Thank you all for reading.. More information will be coming to you from Maiduguri, Borno State (Home of Peace).

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