As we are still in International Women Day celebration I decided to share this post to us all so we can think about it and perhaps come up with some solutions. It’s also depend on your perceptions. For me it got me thinking and reflecting on the issue raise and myself as a woman.

My friend on Facebook posted this on her timeline on March 8th and it got me thinking. Here is the post “Okay,  let me be a bit serious today and post something controversial. The may sound a little authentic and purely evil but I gotta spit the truth. We women conceal behind our camouflage. So here is the real deal….  Women don’t like women!  Was that a slap on the face?  Maybe!  But YES and that is that. Women general loathe each other but adore competing and going against each other.  And yet the irony lies here as we are celebrating Women’s Day, preaching about supporting each other,  uniting and whatever whatever I strongly believe we should sort these things primary stumbling into something big.”

My questions: Who have taught and reflected on this issues?  Is it real / true our context?  If so, what are the possible solutions can we proposed to this challenges secretly on ground to achieve gender equality.

Everyone opinion and perceptive is allowed. No insult please.

Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Food for thought : International Women’s Day”

  1. I think the average women doesn’t believe in herself, or should I say her in equality with her male counterpart, let alone, think of another woman as being so. On many occasions, I have asked my colleagues why they wouldn’t vote for a female president, and their responses are simply that she would not be effective, yet I know of many women who are leading organizations efficiently. The question is: if we can have great female ministers and legislators, why wouldn’t women function well at the executive arm of government? I strongly believe that why women have not been able to take on leadership roles in this country is because their fellow women have not been supportive, and it really saddens me.

    1. Well, to an extent points are valid but it begins from our individual families.

      If women can comfortably raise kids, cook and do other family chores (multitasking) it simply means she can do other stuff outside her home.

      I believe in women leadership.

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