DATED 12 August 2018


Welcome talk


Iceberg activities

Updates for previous month

Brainstorm / Planning of new project



Nosa Imade Stella

Godwin Orngu orbunde

Goodness Donatus

Uwara Ekanem

On 12th August 2018, 1pm – 2:45pm , we had our face to face monthly meeting to brainstorm, plan and lay out activities for every members of the team for the month in regards to our upcoming projects/ activities.

The meeting was chaired by the location partner in person of Uwara Ekanem. The Secretary was Imade Stella.

The location partner open the meeting by welcoming everyone back from their travels. Godwin traveled twice due to his mother death and Goodness traveled home due to her father sickness and he was admitted in the hospital. An iceberg was done, everyone said how they felt and their expectations and goals for the month of August

Everyone gave an update of their activities both personally and in regards to SI4DEV work, ie the project /activities we took part in. Goodness share the project pictures with us and updated the house about the health related project, that took place at yerwa clinic for the vulnerable and the victims affected by Boko Haram. Uwara also updated the house about her training and the learning point to the house and said she will see when possible to bring down the training to the team.

After that we moved to the main agenda for the day. We came up with two projects due to the in ability of doing a project as SI4DEV in the month of July due to the school plans that affected us and at the same time half of the team traveled on different reasons. After long deliberation and and brainstorming we decided to visit the INEC office as proposed/ mention by SI4DEV project manager as one of the activities to be done. We also went ahead to discuss that it will also make it rich by inviting them for sensitization to the NYSC members and proposed to them to also come and registered corps members who has not been registered, because registration here is a bit complicated. We as a team also decided to go for the drug awareness campaign at the polytechnic and we targeted the pre-ND students because they just started a new school calender session. After that everyone was assigned a task by the location partner for both event.

AOB, The shirt was given to the most active volunteers including the location partner. And she requested we wear it for all activities both the ones been done by SI4DEV or any other organization.

We came to the close of the meeting by 2:45pm with a group photograph.

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