For this Autism Awareness month, do some research. And if you are fine with lighting it up with blue to work today —- then do it but if you think that you want to stand with those who are on the spectrum? perphaps wear red.

I believe strongly we need to listen to those on the spectrum. I am also recognize that the most you call of those on the spectrum don’t represent everyone in very individual culture. And that Families and Communities around autism need to be considered as well.

So I’m not advocating for either one. Whatever you do (and I’m not advocating one or the other as I support anything that raises awareness acceptance and appreciation of those on the spectrum)

Do something to increase someones else’s understanding of what Autism is both the strength and weakness and /or the support that are needed for the families of persons living with disabilities in our communities.

10 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month”

    1. An increasing number of children with Down syndrome are being diagnosed as also having autism or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Research is exploring the prevalence and the characteristics of autism and autistic spectrum disorders in people with Down syndrome, and informing more reliable diagnosis.

      Sometimes the characteristics of Down Syndrome and Autism can become blurred. That is because a certain percentage of people with Down Syndrome also have autism.

      Although symptoms may lessen with age, autism and down syndrome are lifelong conditions and I believe effective intervention and therapies are the most important factors that can really improve the life quality of these individuals and their families.

      Down syndrome is a genetic condition and an individual with down syndrome looks special, having a special facial profile and beautiful almond-shaped eyes, from others. It is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21.
      Also, these individuals may show impulsiveness, sensory issues, aggression just like in autism.

      Also, individuals with down syndrome require proper health care because they are at increased risk for obesity as they age as well as risk for various physical injuries, epileptic seizures, vision and hearing problems.

      Autism, on the hand, is a neurological condition and it does not affect how an individual looks like. Parents usually notice signs in the first two or three years of their child’s life. An individual with autism has learning difficulties and lacks social skills. They often avoid eye contact and do not respond to words or sounds and can be distressed by a minor change in their daily routines because they may show repetition by following the same route.

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