The major challenges facing our nation Nigeria includes;

  • Unemployment
  • Corruption
  • Boko Haram and Terrorism
  • Crime and problem of public safety
  • Poor quality of educational system
  • Poor infracstructure
  • Gender inequalities
  • Poor and inadequate health care facilities
  • Environmental and public health issues

As i ponder over these issues and more, it appears to me that our youths have a very vital role to play in bringing about the transformation that we all desire in Nigeria.

Young people are the prime beneficiaries of school improvement, and the percentage of youth in higher learning institutions is currently very high. If young people with fresh and innovative ideas are given the chance, our educational system in Nigeria would not be in its current state, and unemployment would be reduced.

At the same time, young people shouldn’t wait for good things to come to them, but need to take individual initiative. Youth empowerment and initiative will improve life for all Nigerians. Nigerian government officials and other elites need to share power with the country’s youth and listen to young peoples’ ideas for how to better the country. The young men and women of Nigeria are tomorrow’s elders and, if included, could transform Nigeria. Without the energy of youth, society will decay and perish.

In addition to minimizing of corruption in the country, Nigerians should cultivate the habit of being patient. Why many indulge in corrupt practices is because they are impatient and want to make quick money. In developed countries of the world like the United States, many Nigerians are locked up in the prisons and some have been killed because of the corrupt practices they get involved in.

Nigeria is our country and we can build it with combined effort. Let there be peace and you be an agent of peace.

I await your input on the possible solutions to each of the stated challenges.


21 thoughts on “The Way Forward: The Youth Can Transform Nigeria”

  1. Thank you, Bro. However, youths cannot be “included” in the scheme of things in Nigeria without the youths making themselves relevant. If youths wait until they are “included” then, it would never happen. Youths have to get up and get involved by demanding good governance from the government, participating in the electoral process, seeking veritable platforms to speak out on issues that bother on the general wellbeing of the people. They need to hold the government accountable, seek transparency, ask relevant and critical questions, stop being used as political tools against the opposition, seek knowledge and know their rights. According to Gov El-Rufai of Kaduna state, he said, “nobody will handover power to the youths because you abuse and insult political leaders on social media”! That is their reasoning. So rather than insult or abuse them, engage them on critical issues of governance with verifiable statistics – data and facts.

    1. Well you are entitled to you opinion. Though there are youths who may not have distinguished themselves in societal development, there still exist some youthful brains and strength in some other youths which Nigeria should not over-look.

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