Weeks ago I wrote about international days. There, I explained what they are, introduced the list of international days and suggested how we can get involved in them. For a recall, please go through Getting Involved In International Days As Global Citizens Pt.1

I’ve come across a number of Partners’s blog and group posts and on international days and I am really excited that we are engaging in mass literacy.

Take a look:

1. SI4DEV Uyo Location Group Marks International Women’s Day With Seminar by Grace

2. SI4DEV (Ado Ekiti Location Group) commemorates IWD with seminar and SI4DEV Ado-Ekiti Holds International Women’s Day Seminar For School Girls by Donald

3. International Women’s Day by Trish

4. Food for thought : International Women’s Day by Uwara

5. International Happiness Day 2018 by Mansy

6. World Epilepsy Day by Mansy

7. Autism World Awareness day by Mansy


I commend everyone who has played a part in international days so far-either by participating in awareness or by physically engaging in activities to commemorate them.

Getting involved in international days gives us a sense of responsibility, knowing that we are building a better world; and as global citizens, we make impacts in our communities and beyond.

Thinking of getting involved? Check the list to see which can plan towards.


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