The Strategy and Innovation for Development (SI4DEV) supported the Green Future Builder Initiative (GFBI) with the sum of Seventy thousand Naira (70,000 NGN) as COVID-19 Relief Fund’s support to Vulnerable households in Kobi Sarki Village of Abuja. The money was received on 22nd April, 2020 and the project was implemented on 29th April, 2020.

Kobi Sarki Village was selected because of the peculiar nature of the location. It is a community with very poor agrarian households and inadequate basic infrastructure. The community is governed by a King. The income level of the people is very poor and most of them are farmers and artisans. Several tribes are in the community but 60% are of the Gbagyi tribe, indigenous to the FCT.

6 Volunteers participated in the campaign with 2 from SI4DEV and 4 from GFBI. The project implementation involved activities such as delivery of food relief to low income households, provision of awareness banner and fliers to sensitize on prevention and also supply of WASH station (tap bucket, soap and sanitizer). Demonstration of COVID-19 safety guidelines such as social distancing, use of face mask, how to shake and cough in the public were displayed.

In the Food relief delivery, 35 packs was given out to 35 households. Each pack contains, rice, Indomie, Antiseptic Bar Soap, Power oil sachet, tomato sachet. Bucket with Tap, hand gloves and sanitizer were also provided.

A big banner and some pieces of flier for sensitization were also supplied and left in a strategic location close to the community head after the campaign. It is believed that the banner can be in that location for the next one month while the bucket and hand sanitizer will also be used for continuous hand washing for the next 6 months. More than 60 people were indirectly impacted through the sensitization and awareness campaign.


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