My charity project was approved on GlobalGiving and I am now raising funds for a project close to my heart!  Donations will go towards equipment/machinery, stock of raw material or finished goods, license and insurance and NAFDAC registration. Support my campaign to follow progress

My Project’s Information

Project Name: Create Jobs and Income for Smallholder Farmers

Project ID: 35887

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You can donate via the following details:

First Bank of Nigeria

Account number: 3022565843

Account name:  Esu, Nnamso Innocent

Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative 

Account number: 0366172770


Remember to add my project ID 35887 when paying to this account.


This project will support a community leader in their social enterprise for the production of palm oil and distributing of affordable quality and accessible palm oil in Nigeria and beyond. They will purchase more modern machines and buy palm fruits from smallholder farmers to supply a business range of palm oil products.


About 500 smallholder farmers in Nigeria suffer 50% oil loss every year due to the manual processing technique in rural area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where palm fruits grown go unprocessed due to lack of access to capital and modern processing machinery. The market value for palm oil products for cooking and industry is currently estimated at about $52million. So if the inefficiencies described above are eliminated, smallholders could produce upward of $100million worth of palm oil per annum.


We will buy and process fresh palm fruits from smallholder farmers to create a range of consumer goods for middle to low income consumer markets. We will increase efficiency using modern processing machines and in the process increases income for smallholder farmers and create much needed jobs for young people. The palm oil factory is located at Ikot Esu in Ika Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State which is along the road enhancing easy transportation of goods and communication.

Long-Term Impact

A well placed community driven enterprise could become a leader in the production of palm oil and distributing of affordable quality and accessible palm oil in Nigeria and beyond. We will offer affordable and quality palm oil fortified with Vitamin A but retaining its natural taste and improve the health of the community. We will package the palm oil in more convenient way in several different sizes of containers and create opportunities for other industries thereby boosting local economy.

If you could support my Globalgiving campaign by making a donation and then sharing it with your network, I would be greatly appreciate it. I know that money can be tight now, so please know that $5 can get me closer to my goal. Let me know if you have questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.


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