9th meeting agenda for SI4DEV Nassarawa KANO location on 3rd November, 2018 @ American corner, KANO state library complex.

2.Opening prayer
4.Last minutes report
5. Adoption of last minutes report
6.Matters arising from last minute report
7. Up coming Projects
8. Welcoming of new volunteers
9. National summit in Abuja, November 15th – 17th
10. Suggestions and advice
11. AOB
12. Next meeting/adjournment
13. Closing prayer

The meeting of the SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location started at exactly about 12:40pm in the absence of the coordinator (Mr. Babatunde), and the Asst. coordinator (Mr. Sadisu), Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) officiated the meeting, with opening prayers from Mr. Usman.
Every one present introduced their selves.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) apologies for Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) who is writing exams currently in school and Mr. Ismail (P.R.O) who lost his relative and also encourage everyone to try and call him to condole with the family.
Last minute report
The minute of the 8th meeting was read by Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) and also the visit to M.Y Yusuf Junior secondary school ungwa gaya Badawa layout Kano and corrections were made.
Adoption of last minute report
The minute was adopted by Mr Usman and seconded by Miss Rahama.
Matters from the Last Minutes
Miss Rahama says from the Junior secondary school report, cleaners should be added/considered as staffs or volunteers in the budget or planning.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) encourage every member to support the project of clean and affordable drinking water that will be done in Sabo community in Bichi LGA, and the project to reduce stigma against adolescents with HIV/AIDS in Gwale LGA Kano state. He went further encouraging all members to see the need of supporting this projects and said it is not their personal projects but our location project. He also says, we need to build our land, Kano and Nigeria as whole because nobody will come and do it for us. They should share with their friends and anyone who can support and no amount is small as it will save a dying soul.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) also says there is someone who brought to his attention to anchor campaign against RAPE in Kano and is seeking for partnership organization that will soul carry the project to anchor it and he is ready to make every design of fliers and T-shirt free but the partnership organization will be responsible for every expenses. Miss Rahama in response says it is a good idea and Mr Usman and Mr. Maikano also says there are organizations who are into programs as this, that it will be good we enquire from and if possible partner with them.
Welcoming of new volunteers
In the absence of the executive director, coordinator and every official, Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) welcomed Mr. Maikano who is joining us for the first time in the meeting but has been welcomed in the group chat already and went further by saying he should not mind the number of people present in the meeting but the passion of the people and wish he will do his best to contribute his own quarter in the work of volunteering and he should try to always be present whenever we are meeting and also make contributions on the group chat.
National summit 2018
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) encourage those who are yet to register for the summit should try and do so before the end of the coming week. And also said we will be going together as a location and by the end of the coming week, we will get to know the number of those going so it will help making preparations as pertaining movement to the venue of the program which starts on Thursday 15th November by 9am.
Action Plan
Mr. Maikano was asked to make enquiries of organizations that runs programs that has to do with girl child or women and get back to us in group chat by next week.
No suggestions/advice was said.
Mr. Busayo says we need to have lovefeast/get together before the end of year 2018 as a location group so as to ensure other members who have some of us don’t know can be known that day, check the year 2018 in view, where we got it wrong and how we can correct it, our achievement and the year 2019 projects to be done and other things. In response to this, which everyone present accepted it to be done.
Miss Rahama says we all need to contribute towards it and probably chose a date immediately after our last monthly meeting on 1st December, 2018 and before the 3rd week of December so as to allow those who may want to travel to travel. in response to this, Mr Hezekiah (Secretary) it is a very good observation which will be done but the date and other necessary things that will be done on that day we will discuss more of it during our last meeting, which the coordinator will be present too but he promise to get back to the coordinator on this and it will be duly look into.
Mr. Busayo and Miss Rahama, wishes everyone going to the summit, journey mercy to and from the summit.
With the meeting agenda exhausted and no further deliberation, Mr Usman adjourn the meeting to 1st December, 2018 and was seconded by Miss Rahama by 1:40pm.
Closing prayer
Closing prayer was done by Mr Busayo.
Five (5) members were present.

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