I watched as she talked to me through her hands. Signing so rapidly that I could only marvel, though I didn’t understand, I knew she was trying to tell me something important. Finally! her teacher came around and told me that all the girl was trying to say to me “is how are you”


The teacher’s words and actions were like pouring oil in a bowl of water, shaking it to mix. I tried to connect them together but I couldn’t, she would say a thing but her actions would say something all together. I watched as she pushed the kid towards the whiteboard, then turned to me

“This kids need love and care” she paused slightly “I mean you need to treat them like you would your own children”

It was obvious that all her words were only for the record and she didn’t care one bit if I were to think otherwise.


The woman who taught SIR told me that the boy sitting at the back couldn’t write, then another one then another one. In fact all the pupils sitting at the back has a problem or the other. The little ones were the only one making some efforts. But I sat with them and made the boy write the name of my phone, though he wrote disorderly. At least it was something.

The teacher wowed me. His class was lively and not strict. He called himself mr sign language and he really is. He was interested in everyone of his pupils, everyone matter. Even though most of them are not that okay he cared not the less.

All in all

I learnt that patience matters in handling this special children, because with it the children improve.

I learnt that lots and lots of love is what they crave for, and with it you will be amazed by how they respond.

But then support both through cash and in kind could not be overemphasized.

8 thoughts on “Differently abled”

  1. I’m feeling like crying now, but no I won’t! The children were happy, they didn’t pity themselves. If they can grow up in that courage, I’m sure they will be great. But my fear is when they become more knowledgeable and begin to feel the discrimination in the society, they may faint, or develop low self-esteem.

    I know of a blind girl who teaches other blind people ICT skills, I know of a deaf boy who is a wonderful fine artist and a dumb who is a great music composer.

    May God grant children with special needs good and patient teachers to groom them into successful persons and an environment that will encourage them to become their best.

    Thank you Chidinma for your inspirational article. Keep up the good work!

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