Parts of our daily life involves processes that connects us to our goals. when these processes are not well defined and  managed, our outcomes may appear below peak levels. When we position our minds to asking the appropriate questions such as; what, who, where, and when, we are in effect defining processes that could help us achieve desired results in our job/task/duties/roles/responsibilities. Most times i use “to-do” list on daily basis without clearly defining the required processes to get them done.

  1. Use an improvement checklist
  2. Eliminate activities that do not add value
  3. Streamline processes
  4. Make decisions and be accountable

some process improvement questions includes;

  • what:

-is there to do?

– is being done?

– should be done?

– can be done?

– Constraints keep us from doing it?

  • who:

– does this job?

– should do this job?

– knows how to do it?

– should know how to do it?

  • where:

– is this job done?

– should it be done?

– can it be done?

  • when:

– is this job done

– should it be done?

– can it be done?


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