Many a times, you hear many NGO owners saying, “we do this for the passion and are in no way concerned about profits”. Yes, passion is everything in the nonprofit sector but it is not enough to ensure growth of any organization.

Do you have an NGO or function in one now where all you depend on is personal funds or grants? That is definitely not enough for the long run. Every NGO must have a sustainability model that helps generate funds for proper running of the organization.

Truth is, donors/sponsors would readily give grants to social enterprises than any random NGO. Social enterprises are able to solve a problem and still generate funds from there to invest back into the organization. This way, there is sustainability.

Can you imagine always having to give a particular friend 5000 every weekend to solve a community problem and keeps coming back?  Now imagine another friend you give 5000 who is able to use that money to solve a community problem and still generate funds to solve subsequent problems. That is how you should think.

Money is key to the growth of every organization, even the nonprofit sector. So, you have to wake up and stop depending on grants. Think like a social enterprise; have a business model around your NGO. And then, you don’t have to always keep up with grant writing. You can engage in crowdfunding. Be flexible in how to run your organization and watch it grow to greater heights.




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