In Basic or Introductory Technology, we were taught that ‘work’ is usually done when a load is moved. To that end, work is the product of force and distance. That means that when you apply force to push or pull a load through a distance, you have worked. We know that one’s energy capacity is proportional to the work one can do, however some engage virtually every strength they have to get jobs done. This is the widow’s might! For example, a 25kg old girl and an 110kg old man can push a box weighing 20kg, but the girl would do it with her widow’s might.

In the same vein, we do not all have the same energy capacities, but willpower does wonders. There seems to be a latent strength in our hearts, one that ignites the fire. Stamina is borne from the soul. Stamina is the fire that keeps burning. Therefore, passion is that latent strength in our hearts that ignites stamina.

One time, when I had no money, I trekked a distance of 4miles to facilitate a kids club. It didn’t fill like I was trekking, I could barely notice the environment. I was singing songs on the way, thinking of the kids. Till I got there, I didn’t even observe? What took me out of the house- my comfort zone- into an endless journey? It was passion. And what kept me moving? It was stamina.

Now, let me tell you more…

Not that we are all strong people, not that we are all sound; yet some of us in our feeble and unstable conditions to do make great efforts to make the world a better place. Yes, we do! And though it may feel normal to others, we know how much we struggle to get these things done; but it is because we have the passion! Passion for humanity, passion for a better world, passion for positive change!

To think that we deserve pity when we should be working towards liberating others from pathetic conditions; to think that our lives are doomed when life hasn’t said so is never an option. We believe that the world needs people like us to tell true stories, to have real empathy, to win factual victories and to do great wonders.

What am I really saying? I am saying that some of us sacrifice a great deal to be impactful members of SI4DEV and our communities, when we have our own challenges. When we are out there, carrying out community services and taking photos, within us, we know that we need help and that our conditions need divine intervention. Yet, we smile; yet we care for others, ignoring ourselves for the moment.

It takes great courage to stand strong when things around you are not in normalcy. It is for those with a brave heart. Keeping your head up through all odds life brings your way, is what makes you a conqueror; and through them all, when you still reach out to make sacrifices for a better world, you are crowned a hero.

Of a truth, I tell you that some of us are medically, physically and financially challenged, still we struggle in the reality of these predicaments to lead good and impactful lives.



For those who make great sacrifices and efforts for humanity

For those whose hearts are full of passion and whose stamina keep burning in great deeds

For the weak but strong; challenged but impactful

For all who look beyond their predicaments to save the world

And for all who give their widow’s might

You are the true heroes and heroines of the earth

And you shall be blessed beyond measures


Keep up the good work. Thank you!



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