Peace is one of the greatest things that can happen in the life of humanity. Because were peace exist human live has one. 2018 International Day of Peace with a theme: “The Right to peace” was a remarkable day because Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) Kogi, Lokoja Location joins other counterpart in the world to celebrate the day. SI4DEV Kogi with other peace lovers groups in Kogi State were not left out as they convene at the Kogi state Capital, Lokoja  to do a peace walk tag: “Election No Be War Use Your Sense”. The walk which lasted for about 2-3 hours within some busy parts of the state capital was fun with message of peace been past across, this became imperative because of the present political era in the state and in the country at large.

The Kogi State 2018 International Day of Peace ended with a peace fiesta organized by ActionAid/PIBCID.

SI4DEV members in attendance are:

  1. Elias Samuel Unekwu Partner/Location Coordinator
  2. Adeika Ayo Abraham Volunteer
  3. Onivehu Kareem Volunteer
  4. Victor Ibrahim Volunteer
  5. Victoria Moses Volunteer
  6. Jerry Agada Volunteer
  7. Grace Moses Volunteer
  8. Danmale Samuel O. Volunteer


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