Amin Bolis Ismael is the Founder of Initiative for Nurturing Vulnerable & Empowerment for Resilience (INVER). He  is a Sudanese by nationality and a refugee by status.

Hear him directly…

I have been in Kakuma Refugee camp for 18 years now, I arrived in Kenya in the year 2004, am 24 years old, am the Executive Director and Founder of Initiative for Nurturing Vulnerable & Empowerment for Resilience (INVER) community Based organization which works in support of refugees community in Kakuma Refugee camp. I have completed both my secondary and college level and currently am pursuing my degree at Mount Kenya university in faculty of development studies as first year student. Moreover, am also the chairman of Kakuma Youths Entrepreneurs Forum (KYEF) an umbrella of all the Kakuma young Entreprenurs whom had undergone the leadership and Executive training which was organized by UNHCR, Young Global leaders, World Economic Forum and Oxford university. I have 3 experience of managing snd directing a community Based organization and also I have worked with several Humanitarian aid organization here in Kakuma Refugee, am so much passionate working for Refugees community as form of giving back to society.

As the founder & executive Director-INVER community Based organization we had impacted community in different dimensions,first we had conducted an Adult education program for youths, women and men and managed to graduate 105 learned in the first cohort that we had and in which 305 learned got registered for the program in the initial of tje program. And we had class going on in Songot where we operate but due to pandemic that is why we had to suspend it for while. We also intervene in sexual reproductive health education which wehave conducted an awareness to youths on sexual reproductive health education in which 60 undergone through the sessions conducted. Thirdly we are currently registering beneficiaries to undertake Entreprenuship session which we will basically focus on youths whom are both in business and those whom are out of business to enable thm aquire the skills and use it to generate income to support themselves and their relatives and with this it can increase income of the household among refugees youths.

What inspire me is my life background because I grew up here in refugee camp and that is why I saw the best way to support my fellow refugees is by sacrificing my time and effort to serve them since is a form of giving back to society. My 17 years of staying in kakuma has taught me alot of things and since am also very much passionate working for refugees and which is the field am pursuing my degree level now that is why am so much inspired to take this action so that I also achieve my dreams.

My advice to all other young people is that let’s stay focus and we continue to struggle to achieve our goals

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