Mercy Damilola Afe is the Initiator of Optimizers Initiative. She is is currently a 500 level law student of Ekiti State University. A feminist, a fashion designer, a social justice advocate, a Girlchild Activist and a global citizen.

In March 2020, Mercy Afe was awarded a certificate of merit on behalf of the Queen Moremi Ajansoro Initiative of his Imperial Majesty Ooni Of Ife For Her Contributions To The Development of Young Women in Nigeria. She is an effective member of the Young African Leaders Initiative (Ekiti State) and has enrolled in a lot of Yali courses and has been awarded various certificates. Mercy Afe has a firm belief that there is power in engagements. Mercy has displayed amazing volunteering skills amid some NGOs and Lawson’s association. She is also a prominent member of the Women’s Right Network(Nigeria), Global Women African Network(Glow) she has handled a case of domestic violence and has dedicated her whole advocating for women’s right. Mercy stands out in the power of the community to reiterate that by shaping every girl child, we are building a new world. A world where there is equal opportunities, that a girl can stand side by side with the boy child.

By understanding the principles of community, her passion for the girl child inspired her to convene her initiative labeled as The Optimizers Initiative @optimizers_initiative , The goal target is aimed at educating the Girl Child, increasing and optimizing a child’s access to sexual and reproductive health products such as to increase their orientation at the early stage, the transition to higher levels of learning and thereby enhance their level of exposure through the Distribution of Sanitary Materials. Mercy Damilola Afe has empowered over 5000 Girlchild in the last 11months and has given a voice to young women in Nigeria.

Sometimes Last year, I visited a secondary school in Igede Ekiti. While conversing with the principal he told us that the majority of the students are so vulnerable that they sometimes use plantain leaves and clothes for their menstrual cycle, I felt very unpleasant listening to him. Some of these outrageous materials which may be contaminated by infective organisms are still being used by females especially to those who can’t afford to buy sanitary pads. This same last year I had an encounter with a young girl at the market whose cloth was all stained with blood, she couldn’t afford a sanitary pad then I asked why she didn’t buy tissue paper since that was cheaper she said she got one but it finished already, I felt so sad got her some pads and it got me thinking all through the that day. There must be many of those girls out there and that prompted me to start the initiative. Thanks to my wonderful team we made it this far.

My advice to young people is no matter how young you are, you are still never too young to accomplish something significant in your life and be successful. Make impact, I’m believer of volunteering, youths nowadays no longer want to volunteer, volunteer has helped created experience, opportunities and as well expanded my network and social skills. It has helped boost my self confidence and lot more. Most importantly this is your time to make as many mistakes as possible. The older you get, the less forgiving society is to mistakes. With every mistake, you’ll learn something.

Her social media handles: Facebook :Mercy Damilola Afe, Instagram MercyAdenike, Twitter MercyAfe



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