Wow! Six months has gone, we are in the seventh month of the year. This write up is to remind us to keep track on our individual and collective goals.
A goal is something that one hopes to achieve within a specific time and directs all his efforts towards it.

My emphasis is on specific time; meaning stipulated time, time frame or exact time to accomplish a project. At Beginning of the year, most people set their goals and the energy level is usually high but as the months go by, the energy starts to drop and some people tend to give up on their goals or take a break.

Discipline is required for someone to keep track of goal and there is need to devote time in achieving set goal in the midst of conflicting demands. The following tips could be useful in keeping track of goals;

1. Learn to always write your goals and make it visible.
2. Review your progress periodically.
3.Be flexible with your goals, if there are changes along the way, quickly adjust your plan and keep moving.
4. Create a reminder system to keep in you in check; you can get tracking tool, share with friends or supporters.
5. Whenever you meet a milestone in your goal, Celebrate it no matter how small.

On that note, I want to celebrate a milestone in my goal: Getting my business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission!

Pause and Reflect on your goals: Are you on the track? Do you need to adjust or push little? Identify where you are, be focused and keep moving!

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