Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV) is an NGO committed to empowering community leaders who are working towards a 21st century Nigeria where every citizen has a just and fair access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential. The NGO focuses it activities on enhanced care, quality education, economic development, and good governance.


Shortly after coming into existence, SI4DEV began recruiting partners, of which I became one. In a short time, I have been able to network with fellow partners and my overall view is that these partners are loaded with expertise and visions.


The technique SI4DEV is employing is quite unique and strategic. It is like a tree spreading out its branches and leaves. Having partners in various locations of Nigeria executing projects in their locality would enable the NGO make impacts all over the country within a very short space of time, and in the nearest future, SI4DEV would nationally set its mark.


Identifying problems in various communities, sensitizing the public, making recommendations to authorities capable of implementing change, and influencing change ourselves through the execution of community projects are our contributions towards a better society. Through the efforts and collaboration of partners, SI4DEV will create a new Nigeria. As partners get more diligent and innovative, recruiting credible volunteers to support our activities, we shall execute well-needed sustainable projects and leave long-lasting footprints.


I see SI4DEV partnering with international organizations, giant companies and governments to bring sustainable solutions to socio-economic problems. I look into the future and I see our 1st  anniversary, 5th, 10th, 20th  and further more associated with gigantic achievements and success stories. I see our partners in their various expertises becoming great men and women; emerging as nationally, continentally and globally sought consultants, government executives and legislators, renowned business tycoons and social entrepreneurs. I see SI4DEV’s vision becoming an evident reality. I see a future full of opportunities – and I have seen well.


Please what do you see?

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