Meeting Agenda:

2.Opening prayer
4.Last minutes report
5. Adoption of last minutes report
6.Matters arising in last minute report
7.Meeting venue
8. Project/report submission
9. Suggestions and advice
11.Next meeting/adjournment
12.Closing prayer

The meeting of the SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location started at exactly 11:40am in the absence of the coordinator ( Mr. Babatunde) and Asst. coordinator ( Mr. Sadisu), the secretary ( Mr. Hezekiah) officiated the meeting, with opening prayers from Mr Wale.
Every one present introduced their selves.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) apologies for Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) that he will be coming late and Mr. Musa who traveled to Japan for a training.
Last minute report
The minute of the 6th meeting was read by Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) and corrections were made.
Adoption of last minute report
The minute was adopted by Mr Ismail (P.R.O) and seconded by Miss Zainab.
Matters from the Last Minutes
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) says they would have observed that members are being removed and some were joined, was what we agreed in the last meeting and also directive from Project Manager , because some people are have never attended any meeting or joined in any project and he also says that he called every member of the group to encourage them but some could not avail.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) says, the INEC visit could not hold because we were trying take actions per time but as for the Meeting venue, he said it is part of the meeting agenda.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) encouraged everyone to make use of every opportunity he/she finds and attend workshops, training and other programs that will build them up and not necessary only that of SI4DEV alone.
Mr. Wale says we should make the INEC visit fast because of time.
Meeting Venue
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary) appreciated every member for their patience in moving from one meeting venue to another.
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary)appreciated the Project Manager (Mrs Nkem Akinsoto) in absential, Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) and other location excos for the effort put in to secure American corner Kano, Kano state as her approved official meeting venue pending on when SI4DEV gain her own.
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary) further apologies for sitting outside the venue instead of inside the hall, all as result of miss communication with the coordinator American corner Kano but promises it will not happen again.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) was sorry about we sitting outside but will not happen next time, also says he is much busy for now that is one reason why the INEC visit was not done but suggested some of us can make it without him.
Project/report submission
Mr Wale suggested the INEC Project of being observers during the fort coming general election in 2019 is worth pursuing.
Mr. Wale also says we can create awareness on PVC collection by making fliers of soft copy and create a day that we all will create the awareness on all possible social media.
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary)encourage everyone that is concern about should try and submit it before 14th September, 2018 which is the dateline and also says he will share that of April – August on the group chat for everyone to make submission possible.
Action Plan
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary)was ask to make enquiries from other location groups of SI4DEV about INEC visitation and also to visit INEC office to hear from them what the procedures are in being part of election observers.
No suggestions/advice was said.
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary) says, he visited our adopted (Almajiri school) which is now M.Y YUSUF ISLAMIYYA JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BADAWA U/GAYA KANO and the Mallam say he want SI4DEV to visit the school few weeks after the resumption which will be there first term and first time is commencing.
Miss Zainab Ibrahim L. introduced herself being her first time joining us but have been in the group chat, she was welcome by every member present and Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) encouraged her to try her best to always be present as we have few ladies among us.
Mr Hezekiah (Secretary appreciate everyone for their support to attend the NBC youth Empowered 2018 in Kaduna held on 14th – 16th August, 2018. He also says he will be attending a Youth Enterprise Summit 12th September, 2018 in Kano and Nigeria Innovation Summit on 25th and 26th September, 2018 in Abuja.

Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) say’s we need to maximize American corner by organizing programs/training etc and certificate can be given to the participants. And also says nobody wants to start supporting a new project but are after seeing what you have done or started before they will support you but says everyone need to know his/her area of strength and start doing something.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) says we need to know brain storm on what we can do, offer and generate money.
Mr Wale says we should utilize opportunities we have very well and also says we should always invite the social media for coverage of our programs.
Mr Ismail (P.R.O) says we can do a launching of our adopted (Almajiri school) which is now M.Y YUSUF ISLAMIYYA JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BADAWA U/GAYA KANO to officially open it.
Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) says the history of our adopted (Almajiri School) which is now M.Y YUSUF ISLAMIYYA JUNIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL BADAWA U/GAYA KANO cannot be written without mentioning SI4DEV. He said we would try and officially launch the school and government’s stakeholders will be invited, the media and other NGOs, but we need to visit the Mallam and discuss it with him and also hear his needs/challenges before we can do anything.
With the meeting agenda exhausted and no further deliberation, Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) adjourn the meeting to 6th October, 2018 and was seconded by Miss Zainab by 1:02pm.
Closing prayer was made by Mr Ismail (P.R.O).
Five (5) members were present.
A group picture was taken.

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