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As we know Kogi State Youth Development Commission is all about youth and it will have great impact on creating jobs and economic development of the timing youth of Kogi State.

This World demand the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease…..Robert Kennedy.

The importance of Kogi State Youth Development Commission Bill into municipal laws cannot be overemphasized because Kogi State Youth Development Commission is the only place where every youth can go to get skills and feel independent; the commission will therefore give hope to Kogi state and Nigeria youth.

This commission seek to established among others, unemployment, skills acquisition, self reliant, reduce youth restiveness and other related opportunities at the deposal of the Kogi youth.

We all benefit by having young people exposed to the way things are done in a democratic society. So it is time to tap the power of youth.

The bill if passed into law will not only better the lives of the timing youth of Kogi state but will also help in the betterment of the entire Kogi state indigene both at home and in disposal and will also help to improve the economic activities of the state because were 80% of the youth are equipped with different skills that generate income the youth in question will leave well and the state revenue will also increase because more tax will be generated.

This bill is so dynamic in nature because is not going to put a burden of finance on the state government instead the commission will generate fund from both international and local donor’s agencies that have interest of youth in mind.

The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they at some distant point in the future will take over the reigns. Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely…because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties. For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile….Alvin Toffler

Our youth are not failing the system; the system is failing our youth. Ironically, the very youth who are being treated the worst are the young people who are going to lead us out of this nightmare….Rachel Jackson

We applauded the efforts of the sponsor of the bill and the Honourable members of Kogi State House of Assembly for having successfully completed the first and second reading of the Bill and hopes that the Bill will see the light of the day.

Long Live Nigeria

Long live Kogi State

Long live Kogi Youth



Elias Samuel Unekwu

For: Strategy and Innovation for

Development Initiative (SI4DEV)

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