Description and purpose of Activities:
In line with the goals of the partner program, partner and volunteers in Ika location group actively took part in the Global Youth Service Day celebration at St. Marys Hospital, Urua Akpan, Akwa Ibom State with a theme ‘ A COMMUNITY FREE MALARIA’ where we distributed about 50 Long lasting insecticidal nets, tissues paper and bathing soaps to pregnant women and nursing mothers in a bid to achieve 100% net ownership and 80% usage of Net. It is our hope that this little gesture will imbibe net culture among the community beneficiaries through our intervention and health talks. In our sensitization season, we were been able to reached a veritable chunk of young pregnant women and nursing mothers, educating them on the prevention of malaria and inspiring them with the courage to use the gifts rightly.
The purposes of this activities was to reduced the sickness and death caused by malaria for at least 50 pregnant women and children in the community.
Names and ages of SI4DEV partners and volunteers who participated
1 Nnamso Esu – Partner
2. Mr Mfon John – Volunteer
3. Mr Patrick Fabian – Volunteer
4. Miss INI obong Benjamin – Volunteer
5 . Mr Edidiong Francis – Volunteer
Actual number or estimate of children or youth impacted: We were able to reached about 50 young pregnant women and nursing mothers
Outcomes – including partnership opportunities, next steps and action items.
We intend to partner with African change makers and Youth leadership development initiative to attain SDG 3: Good health and well being- by sensitize the community using health education for youths on HIV and malaria preventions.
Ika location group remain active in the community and have mainstreamed malaria prevention into their other health and education work. Furthermore, a follow up activity is planned in three weeks time to ensure continued use of the nets and a sustained reduction in malaria.
Building on this activities, Ika location Group will start a new activities to provide further health education in the community, particularly on HIV. Malaria prevention messages will be incorporated into the outreach activities to ensure the momentum is maintained.
Lessons Learned: At the start of the activities it became apparent that we had underestimated the extent of ignorance and misinformation about malaria in the community.

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  1. Well done Ika group, I must commend you for taking service to hard to reach area. Most intervention are based in the urban area, your ability to reach out in a rural community like Ika is quite commendable.

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