Today is world book day:

The importance of reading can never be over-emphasized, here are few importance of read: Reading

1.increases your vocabulary

2.Broadens your knowledge

3.reduces stress

4.makes you more creative

5 helps you relax

This is just to mention a few.

For those who love to read, I have 4 softcopies of books I would love to share.

1 The Alchemist by Paul coelho

2. Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

3. The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

4. A. D 30 by Ted Dekker

These books are awesome and I have learnt anything from them. Send me an email @ and I will mail you the books


42 thoughts on “Happy #WorldBookDay”

  1. Very nice post. The amazing thing is how easy reading is accessible to us. You don’t have to sleep in a public transport home. On your android device, you can read an eBook. And it even gets better. There are a number of sites you can download books from and many are even free. The information is out there; it’s left for us to reach out to get this information. Knowledge is power.

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