We held our first face to face meeting today and it was a success.
Here is a brief recap of the meeting:
1. Each member will carry out assessment needs in their community. This will enable us cover more grounds, to this effect, the local community assessment needs form will be uploaded here
2. Partners/volunteers will be visiting the IDP camps at Agan community to carry out an assessment needs. To this effect, we will be donating our clothes and toiletries if possible to give them while we carry out the assessment
3. Going forward, it was unanimously agreed by members that we should not remove inactive members yet from the group. In the same vein, it is expected that we should speak up when our attention is needed instead of being silent so we don’t discouraged others with our silence.

23 thoughts on “SI4DEV Makurdi, Benue State holds face to face meeting”

  1. As per the part of inactive members, I will advise you should try and compensate the active members in your own little way. Also, try to get to influence them as leadership really is influence. You can give direct responsibility to which you can hold them to account if they don’t perform.

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