10th meeting agenda for si4dev Nassarawa KANO location on 1st December, 2018 @ American corner, KANO state library complex.

2.Opening prayer
4.Last minutes report
5. Adoption of last minutes report
6.Matters arising from last minute report
7. Up coming Projects(borehole project)
8. End of the year Love feast
9. National summit report
10. Suggestions and advice
11. AOB
12. Next meeting/adjournment
13. Closing prayer



The meeting of the SI4DEV Nassarawa Kano location started at exactly about 12:23pm in the absence of the coordinator (Mr. Babatunde), and the Asst. coordinator (Mr. Sadisu), Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) officiated the meeting, with opening prayers from P.R.O (Mr. Ismail).
Every one present introduced their selves.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) apologies for Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) who is currently on his way and Mr. Usman who took excuse to be absent.
Last minute report
The minute of the 9th meeting was read by Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) and also the #DrugFreeArewa peaceful campaign rally that Arewa Young Leaders Initiative organized on 26th November, 2018 and invited si4dev Nassarawa Kano location which Hezekiah and Usman represented the organization which was successful and corrections were made.
Adoption of last minute report
The minute was adopted by P.R.O (Mr. Ismail) and seconded by Miss Rahama.
Matters from the Last Minutes
Mr. Babatunde (Coordinator) asked about the action plan given to Mr. Maikano if there was any feedback from him but Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) says he followed up on him but he did not give him any reply as pertaining that.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) talk about the RAPE campaign and also says the coordinator will enlighten us more about it; the coordinator went further to says the idea is a very good one but the environment matters in doing this which we have to consider and also how many rape cases have we heard in the state which he suggested doing it social media which will go across the globe instead of Kano.

Mr. Babatunde (Coordinator) talk about lots of programs/projects he want us to anchor next year and most especially the M.Y Yusuf Junior secondary school completion is the priority and paying the Emir a courtesy visit and many others.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) encourage every member to support the project of clean and affordable drinking water that will done in Sabo community in Bichi LGA, he went further encouraging all members to see the need of supporting this projects with any amount of money the can and said it is not their personal projects but our location project. He also says, we need to build our land, kano and Nigeria as whole because nobody will come and do it for us. They should share with their friends and anyone who can support and no amount is small as it will save a dying soul.
End of the year get together 2018
Mr. Babatunde (Coordinator) says we should discuss it on the group so we can know the number of people interested.
Welcoming of new volunteers
In the absence of the executive director, coordinator and every official, Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) welcomed Mr. Maikano who is joining us for the first time in the meeting but has been welcomed in the group chat already and went further by saying he should not mind the number of people present in the meeting but the passion of the people and wish he will do his best to contribute his own quarter in the work of volunteering and he should try to always be present whenever we are meeting and also make contributions on the group chat.
National summit report 2018
Mr. Babatunde (Coordinator) appreciated everyone who has been supporting and also says the award we got, actually we were not expecting it but are for us as a location not him alone.
He further said, the new volunteers will be coming in by January 2019, and then we will have our meeting in February, 2019. Some of us have graduated as partners and we need to give the new volunteers, who are coming inn by January chance to lead which will be commencing when they may have been around by February, 2019.
He also asked if those who did not graduated have applied but they all responded no and he says and the closing date was 30th November, 2018 but promised talk to Project Manager about it.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) says he also received a certificate and a partner medal which he appreciated everyone for the privilege working with them. And also encourage those who are coming in 2019 to be serious in all they do.
Action Plan
P.R.O (Mr. Ismail) was asked to post the get together on group so that we know those who are interested.
No suggestions/advice was said.
Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary) says he is focused towards partnership with other organizations so as to make us known more in Kano state by next year.
Mr. Babatunde (Coordinator) tasked the new volunteers coming in to make sure the vision continues and the location remains active.
With the meeting agenda exhausted and no further deliberation, Mr Babatunde (Coordinator) adjourn the meeting to first Saturday of February, 2019 and was seconded by Miss Rahama by 1:32pm.
Closing prayer
Closing prayer was done by Mr. Hezekiah (Secretary).
Five (5) members were present.

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