My desire to write this blog content spurred out if the disappointment I met few days ago with an encounter with a secondary school Principal in my location. As the SI4DEV location partner for Ado Ekiti, alongside my community of volunteers, we planned to organize a sensitization program across some secondary schools especially to students writing their final exams. This gave me the opportunity to meet with a principal of one of our target schools and here is my story.

The Principal sincerely appreciated the effort of organizations like SI4DEV and the work we do but however reiterate the fact that programs like the one we are bringing has little or no effect on students writing their final exams especially in government public school. He said “you can only get their attention and interest if you are ready to provide them with links that can provide examination questions online”.

He went on to say that, the condition has became so despondent to the extent that he had to get a court affidavit while he made every parent to sign and attest to the fact that very strict punitive measure will be taken against whosoever engages in examination malpractice. Simply put, the principal said “we now use police men to enforce discipline in our school”.

At this point, I will like you to think about this precarious situation our education system is in Nigeria while you also drop your views. Leaving that office, I was wondering what really changed. Why do teachers now lack control over students with age bracket of 15 maximum while in the years before they were able to control and produce productive brains of age bracket up to 28? What do you say to our education system if the only seeming solution is to use law enforcement agencies to enact orderliness and maintaining certain level of morality in school?

Think about this as well:- what effect does this things have on knowledge and our education system..

1. Outstanding students from tertiary institutions go home with less than 10 thousand naira while upcoming artist get to go home with cars from mini exhibitions.

2. Educational programs receives lessee sponsorship, partnership and audience while party shows amongst other receive more.

This amongst many more leaves me with the question….. What can we do to ensure these guys are good and ready leaders of tomorrow?


Till I come your way again….  BE INSPIRED.

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37 thoughts on “The future of education in Nigeria. What is our stake?”

  1. My brother, looks like you share my thoughts! Educational prudence is no longer respected in our society, or should I say in this generation. In his book, the ‘Big Picture,’ Dr. Ben Carson lamented on how athletes and artistes have become the icons of our generation. Today, our youths have musicians who sing senseless songs as their superstars. It is because you cannot compare the wealth of academicians and professionals to theirs. The difference is just too clear! With all these happening in their very before, how would our youth value education? Coupled with the fact that the air we breath in this country is corruption, I don’t in my dreams see those youths listening to what you have to say.

    But it is rather unfortunate! How come our society has deteriorated to such a mess? Imagine! Law enforcement agents have to be involved in a situation where students should just write want they understand from their notes and lectures? I am still trying to understand. I don’t get it at all. What a society!

      1. we are good teachers in the system, but what is government doing to help them.
        how many workshops are put in places?.. Are how many teaching aids do the government provide? what are the population of children per a classroom?

    1. This is the sad reality. Government schools nowadays is all about self interest, the teachers are mostly after the alert they receive monthly, and the students only concern is how to pass examinations easily without stress, without really working for it.

      1. Teachers are trying their best, but the corrupt system of government has make our educational system go very bad.
        the alert you said teachers are after is not like that, many states in Nigeria owe teacher over 4-10 months salaries.
        No in-service training, no workshop, no teaching aids.

        The parents has about 80% job to do.

      2. One can pass examination without stress because I don’t see any stress in reading. Besides if a student has a track record of good performance right from the early part of his secondary school, it should be easy for a fellow like that to pass exam. What so you think the role of parents are?

  2. I think apart from the challenges faced by those who really devote their efforts into avoiding examination malpractice while in school and coming out clean, yet our society places lower financial values on them compared with those who weren’t serious minded, schools should stay focused, and continue to build the confidence level of students in their ability to write exams by themselves.

    1. This I believe among other factor is responsible for this issue. Upcoming artist are celebrated, awarded etc while outstanding student don’t even have job. Anybody will always opt for where it seems to be successful with ease even if it’s out of prestige.

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