Opening Remark: The Coordinator of SI4DEV JOS focus group Mr Dabis welcomed all those who were present. In his remarks, he expressed his delight in members turning out for the first meeting and he also applauded member for there desire to make sure citizens in there society has just and fair access to equal opportunities for the realisation of there full potentials in the society.
Introduction of Members: Introduction of member was taken in a sequential order with the following people in attendance:
1. Mr Dabis Sukgwe
2. Mr Philemon Manchang Noah
3. Mr Shagal Mariyom
4. Miss Nebe Chinelo
5. Mr Gorip Rene
Business of the day: Mr Dabis started by briefing the members about SI4DEV, what it does exactly, its mission and vision. He further talked about SI4DEV focus area which includes enterprise, education, governance and health.
The following projects for the focus group was presented by Mr Dab, which are:
1. Visit to INEC offices for IT capacity assessment and identifying opportunities for collaboration.
2. Community needs assessment for proper project planning.
3. IDP camp needs assessment for the States that have conflict issues.
4. Drug abuse awareness campaigns.
5. Private school assessment for quality improvement.
After careful deliberation on the projects, the members where able to reached a consensus on executing the drug abuse awareness campaigns program on some selected secondary schools and the IDP camp needs assessment program in plateau state.
The following schools was carefully selected:
1. Government secondary school Tudunwada.
2. Government secondary school Wholshe.
The members also decided that letters be given to each school for an official visit and program and the letters were to contains official visitation date and duration of the program which was agreed to last for 30 minutes including time for questions and answers.
The following dates was scheduled for the two projects:
08/06/2018 for visiting secondary schools and 15/06/2018 for visiting the IDP camp in jos.
The members also requested for T-shirts from the organization for there easy identification an official execution of there projects.
Closing Remark: The state Coordinator thanked everyone for coming and urge members to be active in the organization website and the WhatsApp group chats. He also said that we can inform people who has the same desire to join us in this great movement.


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