True Leadership isn’t authority neither is it a title. It isn’t self centered neither is it hereditary.
True Leadership is the capacity, the ability and the will to impact and lead individuals of all types to achieving a common purpose.
True Leadership isn’t growing yourself but growing others. It isn’t writing nice speeches or being adored and loved by everyone.
True Leadership is not leading by pointing and telling followers some place to go rather True Leadership is seen by leaders going to that place and making a space for Her followers.
True Leadership isn’t saying yes to the world’s choices. True Leadership is defined by strength not weakness or rudeness neither is it timid or lazy. True Leadership isn’t arrogant or a bully. True Leadership involves boasting the self esteem of Her followers and not killing it.
True Leadership is having the confidence to stand alone, having courage to make tough decisions and also listen to needs and plights of its followers. It is practical and yet realistic. True Leadership is putting first things first.
True Leadership isn’t made by history but makes history. It inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.
True Leadership is seen in the raising of people’s visions and dreams to higher heights, it is seen in the building of people’s personality beyond the world’s expectations. True Leadership is translating visions into reality. True leadership is all about nurturing and enhancing.

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