Nigeria a great nation, Nigeria is the heart of Africa, Nigeria has the most natural resources. God blessed Nigeria.

The Nigeria of my dream is a  country free from corruption and ill practices, a country where income is equally distributed. The Nigeria of my dream is such that deter from being a consuming nation, but a producing nation, a country where there is full employment, a country where youths are not migrating to other countries in search for a greener pasture, a country where education is free, and basic education is compulsory, a country where health care services is free and has all facilities, a country where lives are being valued and protected, a country where security of lives and properties are guaranteed.

Furthermore, I dream of a Nigeria where the term” leaders of tomorrow ” actually refers to young people leading and not old ones still rotating the leadership seats, a country where public offices is seen as a privilege  and not a do-or-die affair.

Do you like my dream for Nigeria? if yes we can make this dream come through. There is hope for Nigeria.

What is the Nigeria of your dream?

One thought on “THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAM”

  1. #YouthDecide2019 was a campaign that sprout from the NotTooYoungtoRun. Today, their is a gradual shift as youths a taking their place in the leadership of this nation. I believe time will come we will have the likes of Macron and Justin Trudeau in Nigeria, who will entrench dynamic, innovative, and transnational leadership.

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