by Abdulbasith Sijuade Akinyemi-Eshilokun (13/6/2019).

The SDG3 aims at ensuring unrestricted access to quality and affordable healthcare for all persons regardless of their ages, gender, tribe, religion & socioeconomic status.

As a Nigerian and an ardent believer in the SDG goals, as well as being an advocate of Good Health & Well being, reducing mortality & enhancing healthcare access & delivery in Nigeria has never been only a wishful thinking for me. That is more reason I have always taken opportunity to work with every person or organization with a similar vision for a healthy Nigerian population.

Government at all levels MUST work sincerely and tirelessly towards building a Healthy population. To ensure success, this must be done with full involvement of all stakeholders in the Public & Private sectors as well as CSOs & NPOs.

I dream of a New Nigeria where everyone can assess adequate, quality & affordable healthcare. A Nigeria where no person or family should make choices between healthcare and other basic life essentials. I envision a Nigeria where spending on healthcare will not drag person/families into the poverty circle. A Nigeria where everyone is covered under an affordable & effective health insurance scheme. A Nigeria where our primary healthcare centres & other medical care facilities are adequately equipped to cater for our health needs.

I live for a New Nigeria where Nigerians do not have to raise funds online and through other means to cater for medical bills of our fellow citizens who require emergency care or surgeries abroad.

I live for a Nigeria where a large number of our children do not die from vaccine preventable & treatable diseases.

This Nigeria can be born in our own eyes. Let us all play our part in this New Nigeria.

Health is a Human right! All hands must be on deck!

What role will you play in this New Nigeria?

2 thoughts on “What role are you playing in your “Dream” Nation?”

  1. Nigeria will work with consistent efforts from all stakeholders. I and other concerned citizens will keep advocacy for quality education at all levels, and encourage other citizens to work towards preserving our environment.

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