The everyday thief?

Ogiri, pretty faced, curved bodied like the typical figure eight
Her beauty, matched with brilliance
Academic grades always shone like the Dog star in the darkest nights
What a beauty to behold!

Time edges closer for examinations
Such that Ogiri would devour with ease
All eyes on Ogiri, the classical Efiko
The silent thief, whispers an idea to her

“Let us prepare for the papers”, Mark says
“There is so much time to go” Ogiri replied
The thief hovers on her like Daddy Showkey’s dreadlocks
until so soon, it’s a night to go

Mark snores through the night, ready
The Efiko beauty begins her study
The course, easy to absorb yet voluminous
Ogiri never slumbered nor slept

Start now! The examiner calls
All but one seat was was filled
Where is the most brilliant Ogiri?
A question none could answer

Mark, first on the finish line rushes out
Ogiri’s lodge is the call
Oh here she is, fast asleep
Here lies the best brain, unenvied

What a pity
The best brain comes least in a course
So easy to digest, all thanks to sleep
Time is not enough afterall

If only, if only, if only..
She had listened to Mark
She would have faced the thief headlong
The thief, Man’s greatest enemy…

Sijuade Akinyemi-Eshilokun

Avoid procrastination, don’t leave till tomorrow what can done today. #Turnanewleaf

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