We all have gifts, several in each of us. That brings us into clusters of people talented in different things; so we are in true sense, the intersections of sets. But as diverse as gifts are and distributed among persons, there appears to be one gift abundant to all: the gift of expression. And that is what I call ‘The Universal Gift’.

Some thoughts are meant for keeps- thoughts of privacy, personal plans and development. But there are others that the world needs, and they remain liabilities until they are shipped to others. Everyman has the privilege and capacity to push out such thoughts from his mind, expressing the very way he thinks or feels. This has nothing to with excellence in vocabulary. There is a wall between the inner and outer world, but there is a door that connects as well. The mind conceives several thoughts in a day, including ideas and inspirations. ‘The Universal Gift’ is therefore given to every man to lead those insights out of his mind into the outer space where they are needed.

There is a proverbial saying that the richest mines in the world are the graveyards. Unfortunately, no invention has been able to explore these mines, let alone tap from their rich resources. When it comes to thoughts that were not expressed, opinions that weren’t aired, ideas that weren’t shared, ‘The Universal Gift’ was simply ignored.

Again, ‘The Universal Gift’ is that gift which recognizes that there is a door leading from the inner room of our minds- the furnace where thoughts boil endlessly- into the outer space which freezes with wants. It opens the door, letting what might burn endlessly permeate through as gasses, filling the air and melting away ignorance; bringing ideas and innovations to notice.

‘The Universal Gift’ takes the form of writing, poetry, storytelling, song composition, screen writing, designing, modeling, coding, drawing, painting, crafting, etc. Everyman must express himself through any of these forms, lest the thoughts that sprout in his mind incessantly die. Think of how these thoughts would have grown into big trees, serving one generation after another.

The expansion and contraction of the mind occurs each time thoughts are generated and killed. The highest number of abortions is done in the brain, and anytime we do not tell or show the brilliant ideas we have conceived, we rob the world of what might be transforming.

Everyman must identify one or more forms of the universal gift and use them to churn out those thoughts in his mind. It is therefore imperative that he acquires more skill to fine-tune his channel of communication.

I took up poetry as a way to expressing my thoughts. When I began, I made many flaws, but as continued in the act and learning more strategies, I began became fluent and habitual at it. It then got to a point where I had written over one thousand poems. Again, in writing poems, I discovered that I could communicate through songs too, so I got into it and have composed over sixty of them. Three years ago, I delved into writing motivationals. Today, I have a handful of articles and palm books put together.

It started from one decision: to push thoughts out of my mind and bring them to the attention of others. I chose to make use of ‘The Universal Gift’ in its diversity.

You may simply call the universal gift ‘art’, but I know it is in every man and every single person has something to share and the capacity to share it.

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