There is nothing absolutely wrong with being a female. After all, she is arguably God’s best product to the world: she was created to fulfill a unique purpose. No wonder it took the creator some time to fashion her. The girl is a gift and blessing to the world.

The girl is the golden thread that holds the universe together.

Your girl is special; this is because God prides in dynamism, excellent differences, and unique varieties. God never makes photocopies but originals. God loves authenticity; He never made anything the same.

This is the very reason why your children are special; each one is unique and different from the other. The method used in training your first child may completely be different from what you think works for others.

You train and mentor each child according to their uniqueness.

God made everything and every being in a unique, special and distinguished way. This is why no two persons are exactly alike.

You must understand what makes your girl child unique from other children. God made her in His class, deity, likeness, and with the capacity to become everything He had designed her to be. What is placed inside her cannot be understood by human physical senses. That is why every parent must be a spiritual leader to help their children start the journey of their lives early. Your girl child is designed to be great as well as her destiny. Having such knowledge will go long way to help parent know how to carefully work with their girl child. This knowledge will help parent focus on the uniqueness of their girl child.

According United Nation’s Department of Economics and Social Affairs in theirs in their latest publication titled

“World population prospects: The 2017 Revision” reported that the current world population of about 7.6 billion is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030, 9.8 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100.

Out of these staggering numbers, your girl is the only one of her kind. It will surprise you that no one has exactly your girls finger prints, bio-make-up, temperamental compositions and specialty. She is excellently, fearfully and wonderfully made without mistake by the Almighty creator.


These qualities and more make your girl unique and special from everyone else not better.

You must help her discover her authentic self and what she is capable of.

These qualities that make her unique are both covert and overt. Here are some of the qualities that clearly reveal her:

1. Purpose
2. Passion
3. Personality
4. Beliefs
5. Persistent thought
6. Attitude
7. Bio-Make up

Finally, parents are to lead their girl towards personal discovery, self-development, success, greatness, and in the building of a great tomorrow. Parent must help the girl discover her place, position and purpose in the society. Parent must ignite passion in their girl. Parents must understand what makes her unique, her personality, and know the right information she needs. Parents must accompany their girl all the way.

I literally have played vital role in the lives of many young ladies who are glad for all that transpired and they discovered purpose and affecting lives for good.

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