The youth are the back bone of every growing and developing society.  With deep regard and concern toward my fellow youth,we have always been playing by our political leaders and at the end abandoned till the end of tenure,during elections we are important but once it end we are no more,the people in offices and appointees are those always using your abilities during and before the elections, but once they are keyed into office you are forsaken and dumped aside.

Like currently, our leaders are urging us to ensure we have our *PVC*. Of course that the only way to vote for your right. But at the end all the efforts you made are shattered, why because they have achieved what they paid us for.
I am directing my words toward whats is happening and about to happen( *election* ). By now I am very sure that some of us have learned from their mistakes by voting political parties not the right people. What’s there in parties after all they have little to zero power over so-called elected leaders, while at long run those elected are the head in the entire country.
I am an indigene of Akwa Ibom state and I have deep concern toward my friends which are all based on the state,my family my neighbours and relatives respectively. I urge our youth to sit and think like men not like kids that have limited wants/needs, after all we (youth) need subsidies, scholarship, employment and lots more, which no political party can be able to offer you even 30% out of it.

We have the ability to change the situation by voting the right person not his political party, because once you vote someone that knows your pain, always together with you since before contesting period, he grew up with you, full of humanity, a person that can always protect your interest, your life,education, environment, create opportunities for your benefits not for themselves. These are the people we have be ruled by, not those people that will pay for your votes. Back then in *2015* , the rate of money used during elections had drastically reduced on and off the ground,so lets change the *GAME* by voting not for the money to earn and party, but for the righteous people that can cross all hardship and accuses to protect our lives.

*2019* is knocking at our doors,we have *Q&A* in hand.we are the ones to decide whether to move ahead or to be pushed away. With PVC(PERSONAL VOTERS CARD), we.can take our vision and ambitions into account.
-Voting for party’s interests.
-Selling your PVC
-Vandalism of public properties used by us.


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