Volunteers of the SI4DEV Ad-Ekiti location group organized a seminar for secondary schools of which Christ Girls School, Ado Ekiti attended the seminar with 20 students and their school Counselor. There were three resource persons to discuss on the theme: Understanding the Rights of Women and Girls. They are;

  1. Mrs Labake Oke who stood in for Rev (Mrs) Lola Afe ( Co-Pastor, the house of faith fellowship),
  2. Miss Omotola Aboloye ( Lecturer of civil engineering and the coordinator of Nobel women in Ekiti, Ondo and Launching state)
  3. Mr Taoheed ALIMI (The Ekiti State location partner for Strategy and Innovation for development Initiative). .

The seminar was anchored by a volunteer of the location group, Mr Agunbiade AbdulWasiu while all technical issues including documentations were done by another volunteer, Mr Akintayo Bamidele.

Mr Taoheed took the Keynote address while also explaining what SI4DEV initiatives is in details and also giving an overview of the purpose of the seminar.

Mrs Labake went ahead to present a lecture note for the seminar which was later given to the counselor of Christ Girls School for reference purpose. She itemized the major causes of violence against women and girls while she also gave solutions. Her point of emphasis is the need for women to have VALUES as this gives them a certain immunity against VIOLENCE.

Miss Omotola shared her experience being a coordinator of an NGO that deals with women with stories thatwere all emotional and educating which made her session a lively one throughout.

The seminar came to an end with a vote of thanks from Mr Taoheed Alimi who acknowledge the support of the counselor of Christ Girls school, the Lead Pastor of the house of faith fellowship, volunteers of the initiative who were around and the delegates that made it to the seminar. He charged the students to go on to replicate the value given to them by relating those information to their colleagues. As a means of refreshment, a bottle of coke was given to all delegates while bottle water was given to the facilitators and the counselor.

It was indeed a timely workshop, because the exponential increase of domestic violence, rape and abuse in our community is alarming and with workshops like this, incidents of rape can be prevented. Beyond that, awareness of the fundamental right of women and girls which are not adequately communicated due to cultural background amongst other reasons will be reduced through this type of seminar.

48 thoughts on “SI4DEV Ado-Ekiti Holds International Women’s Day Seminar For School Girls”

      1. SI4DEV is the best thing that happened to me in month March. I have always been looking forward to creating sustainable change in the society which I don’t know how. The organization brought the answer from within.
        Start working brother.

    1. You can acknowledge me better by doing similar thing in your community Mr Ruke. The world needs us. And not until we take deliberate effort ourselves, change won’t come. Not even God will help because he only bless the activities of man.

    1. Well, I have always been particular about youth being leaders of tomorrow. But I get to realize these youths are not prepared. Making them out target audience is to expose them to opportunity I don’t have. When they grow up to my level, they will do far beyond what I did for them.

    1. Emmanuella, remember as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give another person reasons to do the same. I challenge you to do something impacting soon and as you do that, believe me, the impact keep multiplying.

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