Dear SI4DEV Partner:

If you have connected with your mentors, you will need to log your hours for each time you make contact with your mentor, whether by email, call, Skype, etc. Pick a line in the excel, enter your details and go back to the same line each time you want to enter new contact.

For those who are yet to hear from or connect with their mentors, some of you have reached out to us and we were able to assign new mentors/peers for you. We weren’t so successful with others. We have suggested that you recommend someone you know and respect to us and we will review and add them to our roster of mentors so they can work with you over the coming weeks to complete your program.

To help us evaluate the SI4DEV program so far, please complete this survey – click link

To succeed in your SI4DEV partners program, you should be working to meet the following targets in the next few weeks:
1. Participate in at least 6 online SI4DEV recommended online courses and 4 other training sessions.
2. Conduct talks in at least 5 schools or youth groups based on a template to be supplied by SI4DEV
3. Recruit at least 20 volunteers and engage them in activities to promote the goals of SI4DEV
4. Create an action plan for a pilot intervention in your state or local government, individually or through an organization that you are currently a part of or with a group of youth/peers.
5. Raise at least N100,000 in funds using the online crowdfunding tool that will be shared

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing

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