(Lagos, Nigeria. March 1, 2018) STRATEGY AND INNOVATION FOR DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE, SI4DEV, is thrilled to announce our selected volunteers (Fellows, Interns or Ambassadors) for 2018 through the SI4DEV Partners Program. Our Partners are a vital part of achieving the SI4DEV goals of a 21st century Nigeria where every citizen has a just and fair access to the resources and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential.

We have selected 250 influencers and change-makers based on their current activities to engage leadership and catalyze change starting from their local communities. Our select groups of partners (www.si4dev.org/partners) have already made visible and measurable impact in the four focus areas of SI4DEV – enterprise, health, education, and governance – either as individuals or part of an organization. Among them, we have founders and executive directors of companies, social enterprises or nonprofit organizations as well as interns and students. We have outspoken national advocates and activists as well as those who prefer to work from the background as they build health solution apps or provide training to primary and secondary school students.

Our Partners Program follows a competitive application process in 2 stages, with nearly 500 applications from several countries across Africa. For the 2018 cohort, SI4DEV is starting off from Nigeria, from where we will build a case study framework as we expand to other countries in the coming years. The 2018 Nigerian cohort includes leaders from 35 states of the country including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

SI4DEV focuses our long-term plans towards achieving national development objectives while working in the short term to invest in local people and their communities. We endeavor to extend our projects to multiple communities across the states, federal capital and geo-political regions in the country of focus.

During the 6 months program, partners are exposed to opportunities to collaborate on improvement work with a wide range of committed, inspiring and influential experts and professionals. Identified leaders who are subject-matter experts and practitioners can provide detailed information on issues and trends to help generate new ideas and share best practices. External mentors also provide support on a daily or weekly basis to challenge individuals or groups in ways that maximize their strengths and develop competencies in making effective decisions, partnership and collaboration, time management, leading and communicating. Partners will create an action plan for youth-led engagements in their state or local government individually or with a group of peers.

At the end of 6 months, Partners with the best action plan proposals and most successful crowdfunded campaigns will be matched with funding up to $1000! While implementing their projects, these partners will have access to one-to-one coaching, paid e-learning courses, speaker events, peer learning, in person training sessions and opportunities to visit national and global institutions.

Before formalizing SI4DEV in November 2017, the trustees have been supporting more than 10 leaders to amplify and expand their reach and impact since 2010. In 2017 alone, Bloom Research partnered with us to examine the feasibility of establishing a Public Health Research Centre in the Jos Local Governments Areas by studying current practice to make recommendations. Through The Conversation with Joy Bewaji, a female entrepreneur received funding to boost her business, and we donated to the successful prosecution of 1 rape case in Lagos.

Last year also, three schools in Ibadan received the Laipo Reads mobile library outreach and a total of three hundred and fifty books were given out to 150 children. Post-secondary exam fees were paid for 10 students through Street2School Lagos, and 5 primary pupils got textbooks, notebooks, stationery, uniforms and school fees. With our 2018 Class of partners, we look forward to achieving even more!

52 thoughts on “Announcing the 2018 Class of SI4DEV Partners!”

  1. Am happy to be an ambassador for SI4DEV. Contributing to the development of the community through strategy and innovation in enterprise.

  2. I am excited to be part of a platform that is initiated to radically our communities.This will ultimately become a game changer as we focus on transforming our existing health,entrepreneurship and leadership models across Nigeria .

    1. Yea.. It great to have you here friend. Being an ambassador here opens your eyes to the great world of opportunity and sharing. A world of impact.

      A world where we convert our passion to impact and value. So we can smile and make others around us smile.

      Welcome my friend.

  3. I’m glad I made the list. Becoming an ambassador here is the beginning of good things that lies ahead for me as an individual.

    And with this platform lives will be affected and systems will be built and sustainable structures to maintain them that will affect generations unborn.

    SI4DEV nagode (thanks) for doing this.
    God bless the person with this idea.

  4. I.am to be part of this great project to reshape development strategies in Nigeria. I hope to be a great partner and agent of this new movement towards a great nation for our coming generation. Thank SIDEV for the confidence you have in me.

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