In this era when thousands of innovations are churned in and millions of opportunities arise on a daily bases, 24hours seem insufficient for every man. While the visionaries and diligent are fully aware of this, the naive and complacent often find 24hours superfluous. Nights are for sleep, but if one must succeed in time, one must sacrifice a great portion of those hours to plan for the future, organize schedules and complete pending jobs that mustn’t see the break of dawn. Apart from keeping up at night, day times are times when one must be fully aware of happenings and meet up with tasks.

The world’s revolution has never been so rapid. New technologies are emerging, innovations are sprouting, young people are becoming owners of businesses and taking up leadership roles. With the way things are going, it appears that those who do not tag along would be left behind. Indeed, lots are happening in all spheres of life and these require our vigilance and responsiveness. The most persuading are free flowing opportunities, especially those which come to our door steps.

However, there is a lot to fear; that the world is running faster than us, that for everyone year of our lives, three years is past us. Would we be looking back to say we didn’t run as fast as needed? If at 29 one is achieving what one should have achieved at 24, what does it imply? Also, we often fall short of some things because we must concentrate on others, and when we try to carry all along, we take to the life of bees- busy all the time, barely having time for ourselves.


There are just too many things to do and in this world of many demands and jet movement. Living one day at a time is quite healthy, but of a truth, for one who has great responsibilities and lined-up targets; for one who must keep up with the pace of the fast-evolving world, is 24hours truly enough?

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  1. Well, this got my thought when I read it. The funny thing is, while you complain of 24 hours not being enough for a day, another person is there just wasting the time. Either ways, time management is essential.

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