I write with a heavy heart as someone that loves her country. I am proud to be a Nigerian but I am not happy with the situation of things…
It has been weeks I came back from an a trip to Kenya via the Kenya airways. The developmental changes in a small country like Kenya kept me wondering..

As a child, I was not privileged to embarked on the Nigeria airways but I saw the aircraft on television and I had always had a dream that I will board the aircraft some day. Sadly, when I had the opportunity,the Nigerian airways had gone into extinction. Maybe I will fly on the Nigerian Airways someday……

Permit me to give you a brief picture of the Nigeria Airways. It was a established on 23rd August, 1958 as a National Flag carrier and to promote the image of Nigeria. In I984, the domestic traffic increased from 1,568,152 to 2,089,510. The Nigerian Airways had 30 well equipped aircraft and was the first choice of flight within Nigeria and Africa. It was noted for hospitality and contributed to the national economy. Nigerian Airways was already 18years in existence before Kenya Airways was established in 1977.
However, due to Mismanagement, Corruption and overstaffing, Nigerian Airways was reduced to nothing and had debt of $702,408,104 which was beyond it’s revenue. In fact, that airways had an average of 500 staff per plane and some of the staff who were laid off  are yet to receive their payments including pension till date. By 2003, the Nigerian Airways had only 3 aircraft from 30 aircraft and was banned from operations due bad safety records. It was handled over to Virgin Nigeria, the rest is history.

On the other hand, Kenya Airways celebrated its 40 years anniversary in 2017 as the African leading airline by the World Travel Award. It has 32 modern aircraft including B787 Dreamliner aircraft and has about 3 million passenger per annum. What did they do right? A question for another day.

I believe that Nigeria can be great again! If we can use our PVC rightly to correct the mistakes of the past. The labours of our heroes past shall never been in vain..
Let’s get it Right in 2019, My Fellow Nigerians!

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  1. This post reminds me of a comedy I saw recently, I think it’s going to be better if there is an announcement that soldiers will inspect every household to confirm their PVC after the government has provided necessary facility for the registration. Just thinking out loud.

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