SI4DEV meeting held on Friday April 13

The minutes of the meeting

Convener : Patricia okolo
Venue : wuse 2 old banex suite 216
Meeting commenced 3:45pm
Meeting closed 5:15pm


Patricia Okolo
Emeka Emordi
Bassey Bassey
Damilare Oyedele
Steven Sesan

Welcome address given by Patricia Okolo
Main agenda: all project to be streamlined with stated objectives
– SI4DEV funded Project
– ‎Grant sourcing from USAID

• suggestions
• ‎Enterprise related projects targeted at unemployment, empowerment and skill upgrades ( visit a local village or school in and improve value of product or provide a electric pumping machine) – Bassey
• ‎library book donation to a local school – damilare
• ‎free medical tests, immunization, environmental cleaning, provision and administration of de-worming pills, and IDP camp visits and training – Priscilla

USAID Grant project

• children care (OVC)
• ‎teaching on the use of hand sanitizer

It was agreed upon that further preparation and assessment should be made on the option to be selected to request for the right action USAID Grant. (motion led by Bassey)

– SI4DEV Branded T-shirt purchase and printing would be discussed further on the group and it was also agreed that only members that attended the meeting will be given the branded shirts.
– ‎roles designation was also proposed by Patricia

Meeting adjourned by damilare
seconded by Emeka

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