We had our first location meeting on Saturday the 17th of March, 2018.
3 people attended the meeting: Stella-Maris Obeta, Timi Obisesan and Trish Okolo.

Our major discussion was on Community Development Project for Local Communities in Abuja.
We suggested Lugbe for the Enterprise Project.
We came up with 2 projects for the month of April and May, which are:
1. A business seminar for women and girls on basic business cash flow analysis, how to calculate profit and loss, basics on law of contract and how to save, we observed most business owners lack this skills.
2. A skill training for women and girls on Catering (cake, smoothies and small chops) and making of household item.

We discussed on the next step:
1. Meeting with the community leaders, to tell them about our project and the approval
2. A Survey using questionnaires to know the major occupation, Education, and business knowledge of women and girls in this local communities, this will enable us get their contact numbers this will take place on the 7th of April
3. Business Seminar will take place on the 21st of April
4. Skills training will be on the 28th of April
Tasks was shared
1. Timi Obisesan will be in charge of developing the training module
2. Stella- Maris in charge of the Skill training
3. Trish Okolo in charge of the Survey

We all need to corporate to make this work.


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