Bill Gates, at a recent meeting of the National Economic Council last week, revived an old debate about funding and investments in the social sector, notably, Nigeria’s investments in education and health care. The issue he raised was about balancing investments in physical infrastructure and human development so as to achieve optimum societal development.

Gates stated that “the Nigerian government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan identifies investing in the people as one of three strategic objectives. But the execution priorities don’t fully reflect people’s needs, prioritizing physical capital over human capital. People without roads, ports and factories can’t flourish. And roads, ports and factories without skilled workers to build and manage them can’t sustain an economy.”

My take on this

Our nation has been corrected yet again on the need to strike the balance between investment in human capital development and physical infrastructure. What seems to get the attention of most observers on this burning issue is the fact that Nigerians at different times have drawn the attention of Government to the lopsidedness on this issue, but they didn’t listen. Now that one of the richest men in the world and a friend of Nigeria, Bill Gates has thrown his support on the side of the debate that favors a balanced investment in our physical infrastructure and human development so as to achieve optimum societal development.

It gives me great concern that our elites will rather send their children to quality schools abroad and seek medical attention abroad than patronize our low quality systems put in place by them. The obvious is that our public schools curriculum have little or no functional links with industry, agriculture, technology,  etc.

I urge our political stakeholders to ensure that funding is geared towards policy positions that will make education functional, acceptable and adaptable to Nigeria’s developmental challenges.


23 thoughts on “Bill Gate’s comments on Nigerian government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan”

  1. Investment in social sector cannot be achieved without investment in the political system by creating a political ideology that is development in nature. When you bring money and sink into a political system that is investment oriented, the politicians will fetter the money away for personal and parochial gains and interest because that is what they are in power for. They are not there to development but to make gains and profits. So the development partners should look into this critically.

  2. It is so unfortunate that our leaders rather invest in their own selfish empires and children rather than the populace, Bill Gate said all he said not because he likes to say but talking from the perspective of an expert and all some people will say is he has been cajoled by some certain people to say what he said. so pathetic

  3. Hmm.. It’s well. I suggest we stop waiting for the government and start finding ways of improving our country’s as an individual. And keep on improving ourselves, so that when we get to the decision making table we will do what they couldn’t do.

    1. hmmm, no matter what we need government support and until when our government is corrupt free government, things will fine.

      if individuals can do, then dangote will not collabo with government… and even bill gate will have just come into nigeria without meeting the governments and his delegations.

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